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4 Soft Skills to Distract from Your Gross Incompetence

November 16, 2017

Some of the most important professional skills for workers can't be taught in a classroom. These traits are called soft skills, and they can help your career without producing any measurable results. Let's take a look at 4 soft skills that can help distract from your gross incompetence:


1. Delegating


While delegating seems simple, it's actually an acquired skill to motivate co-workers to work on tasks clearly within your job function. Give your co-worker a clear objective and expected timeline without mentioning your inability to complete the task that you were hired specifically to perform.


Tip: Remember that assignments are opportunities - remind your co-worker that a solid performance can help him advance in his career, and hopefully you can buy yourself another month with your bloated job title.


2. Critical Observation


Companies are always looking for critical thinkers. Show your company that you can bring a fresh perspective by identifying the same problems that anyone with a pulse has already noticed. Once you've identified the problems, start recommending project groups and weekly reports to the managers who are least likely to follow-up on any of these ideas.


3. Planning


Planning is an essential workplace skill that will never require any mastery of your basic job functions. Scheduling meetings, tracking milestones, asking for needless updates - all these tasks will be overlooked by any employees actually adding value to your company. Staying engaged with planning will help you enjoy the success of colleagues whose careers should've blown past you years ago.


4. Punctuality


Nothing helps you fly under the radar quite like being on time. When you arrive on time, it establishes your credibility as a committed employee. Use this credibility in lieu of actual accomplishments.



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