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5 CEO's Under 35 Who Still Haven't Seen 'The Wire'

November 16, 2017

Jake Singleton, 28 - Singleton started his company with 3 friends from the University of Alabama. There's absolutely no way one of them didn't have an HBO account.


 Amul Shakur, 34 - Amul runs a successful chain of over 200 health food stores. He served in the military until 2007, but I guess 10 years isn't enough time to catch the greatest series ever made.


James Kelly, 31 - Before assuming ownership, Kelly joined his family business straight out of college. He only made it through 10 minutes of the pilot before giving up, which tells you everything you need to know.


Robert Schulz and Naim Bukhari, 31 - Schulz and Bukhari are hometown friends who shared a one bedroom apartment while starting their business. Both are the "never owned a TV" type, and are fucking made for each other.




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