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The Do's and Don'ts of Dating a Coworker

November 27, 2017

Do - Quote the Stats



According to a 2015 survey, 37 percent of people have dated a coworker, and 16 percent of those relationships ended in marriage. As work and life become more and more integrated, office relationships will soon become the norm – this is the type of information you’ll need when rationalizing your actions to friends and family.


Don't - Quote Company Policy


Most companies have explicit rules prohibiting relationships between either bosses or subordinates. Some companies even have policies against all inter-office dating. Whichever is the case, they definitely have your signature on it. Don’t let people looking out for your best interests stop you from doing what feels right.


Do - Set Boundaries


It’s important to have an open conversation about how you two will conduct yourselves at the office. Separating your work and home life will help you maintain professionalism and avoid unwanted confrontations about legitimate relationship concerns.


Don't - Consider Your Past Relationships


There will be a lot of factors working against you, and that’s without even considering your past relationships and their 100 percent failure rate.


Do - Have Fun!


When you’re both in the weeds, it’s easy to lose the spark in a relationship. Whenever that happens, remember the reason you started this relationship in the first place – the convenience.



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