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4 Careers of the Future You Missed the Boat On

November 29, 2017

The employment landscape is constantly changing, and workers have to adapt to compete for the most successful careers. If you’ve decided on a career move, there are several paths you can take – all of which you probably should’ve started 10 years ago. Here are 4 careers of the future you missed the boat on:



1. Software Engineer


Anyone can learn to develop a software app either through self-education or an after-hours training program. But I think a middle schooler just made a cancer detection app, so you might be a bit behind the curve.


2. E-Discovery Attorney


E-discovery is now a $2 billion industry due to the growing volume of metadata, and requires tools such as predictive coding and data extraction. This might not be your ideal career if you had to Google everything in that last sentence.


3. Financial Analyst


Financial Analysts provide investment advice to either individuals or businesses. Analyst jobs will likely require a new degree – enjoy being the 30 year-old creep in undergrad lectures.


4. Sustainability Engineer


Sustainability Engineers are responsible for developing sustainable and low-energy design projects. They actually offered this major when you were in school, but you called them “tree-hugging Nancies”. Now they’re making $120k a year. I’m sure your Sports Management degree was the right call.




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