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The Morning Habits of Successful People You’ll Quit After 3 Weeks

December 12, 2017

Most successful people use the early hours of the day to jump-start their productivity. People with a morning routine are generally happier, more proactive, and more exhausting than people who sleep in.


We compiled a list of our favorite morning habits to try before the novelty of waking at 5 AM wears off. Here are the morning habits of successful people you'll quit after 3 weeks.


1. Exercise

Early morning is the most convenient time to exercise outside of lunch breaks, right after work, or your 6 hours of downtime each night. A morning workout gives you increased energy throughout the day, and hopefully that’s worth the full-body sweat on your morning commute.


2. Set Goals


Daily planning can greatly improve your chances of accomplishing your goals. Now that you’re up before sunrise, think of how you’ll tackle a 12 hour work day on 4 hours of sleep.


3. Drink Lemon Water


You know the guy at a restaurant that insists on lemon water? Now you can be that guy at home! Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning raises your energy levels and improves nutrient absorption. So pour yourself a tall one, Mr. Fancy Pants - you’re a lemon guy now.


4. Spend Time with Family


It’s important to disconnect from work and spend time with loved ones. Talk to your family. Use your mornings to take a genuine interest in their lives while they slam a Monster and wonder how much longer you’ll keep this shit up.


5. Send Gratitude Emails


Research shows that expressing gratitude can improve your mood and overall well-being. Make this a habit by sending your friends daily gratitude emails. Because no act of self-improvement is complete without forcing it on other people.



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