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Study: 100% of Meetings in Other Room About You

December 14, 2017

You get up from your desk and notice your entire department is meeting in the other room. Should you be worried? A new study from the Journal of Occupational Research found that 100% of meetings in the other room are about you.


“There was a reason you were left off the invite list,” said researcher Jennifer Whitman, noting that she never observed a meeting without you that involved any work related topics.


“Your narcissism and paranoia are well deserved. Even if the meeting looked professional, you were the topic of conversation 100% of the time,” the study concluded. “Often times the attendees would even share presentations and take fake notes to avoid suspicion while they gave you a new nickname or planned a trip to Top Golf without you.”



The study recommended that if you notice a meeting, your best option is to act out every possible scenario in your head. This helps you prepare the right passive aggressive response to let your coworkers know you're onto their little charade.



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