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3 Great Interview Questions You’ll Think of on the Drive Home

December 22, 2017

 Asking your interviewer the right questions is the best way to stand out from other candidates. But if you’re like most people, you remembered that about an hour after you left the office. Asking questions shows that you have a genuine interest in the position, which probably explains why you didn’t think of any on the spot.


Here’s our list of 3 great interview questions you’ll think of on the drive home.


1. "Why did you join this company?"


Posing this question to the interviewer shows your interest in the future of the company. Instead, you rattled off facts from their website’s “About Us” section. Smart.


2. "What can I do to help you get a promotion?"


Oh man, this would’ve killed. Employers want someone to make their life easier, not someone practicing their answer to “what’s your greatness weakness?” in the mirror for 2 hours.


3. "What are the opportunities for growth?"


This one was a gimme. I mean, you even had it written on your hand. But no, you decided to tell him a harebrained story about some work conference 6 years ago. Way to really bring it home.












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