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Company-wide Fitness Challenges: How to Participate Without Any Lifestyle Changes

January 4, 2018

Companies love to tap into the new-year-new-you mentality with a group fitness challenge. Considering you’re already a different person at work, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to suddenly care about fitness after years of neglect. But if public shaming doesn’t motivate you, you can still keep your lifestyle without going against the grain. Here’s our advice on how to participate in company-wide fitness challenges without any lifestyle changes.


1. Step Count Challenge


If walking to the coffee pot is the most activity you get all day, no worries. Sneak your pedometer onto a niece or nephew over the weekend and it’ll look like you’ve been running to work.


2. Weight Loss Challenge


You know they won’t make you get on a scale, right? Quit being a Boy Scout and just make up a number.


3. Workout Groups


No one knew you in high school, and an old sports injury usually goes unquestioned. Throw on a knee brace and tell them it was the same one you tweaked playing point guard in the state championship.


4. Bring Your Own Lunch


Some fitness challenges might take aim at a healthier diet. Take a granola bar to lunch and tell everyone you’re still full from breakfast. Then sneak off to your car, grab a burger and go to town, fatty. You’re a professional – you should know how to shame-eat by now.



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