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Report: Ditch the 8-hour Workday Unless You Want a Successful Career

January 18, 2018

The 8-hour shift is the standard for most jobs in America, but is the practice outdated? A new report from the Journal of Occupational Research suggests that you should drop the antiquated 8-hour workday, unless you want a successful career.


 “All of our research suggests that the classic 8-hour model is not ideal for productivity and results – the only benefit is the possibility of career advancement,” said lead author James Casper. “Employees that could shorten their workday to 5 hours were happier, more productive, and immediately placed on performance improvement plans.”


The report notes that developing a sustainable workday structured with healthy, reasonable breaks was the fastest way to lose the respect of your coworkers. “The length of the workday has no noticeable effect on employees’ productivity. The only thing affected was their perception among peers.”




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